Navscatter Rules

There are 6 events in the championship starting from a variety of venues.

Every navscatter will start at 19:30pm.

The entry fee is £12

There are 2 classes - Expert and Novice



1. All competitors must be fully paid up members of Epynt Motor Club Ltd. Every competitor must show his/her current card at the start of a navscatter. Any competitor who cannot show his/her club card at the start of an event will have to reapply for membership. After proof of membership is found, £5.00 will be refunded to the competitor.


3. Parents or guardians of drivers under 18 years of age are required to sign on at the start of a navscatter to enable their child to participate.

4. If a driver or navigator is a novice on the first round he or she will remain in the novice class for the year.

5. Only two people are allowed in competing cars.

6. A driver or navigator who organises an event will get ten points.

7. Awards will be presented on every round to the first novice crew and first expert crew.

8. A competitor may count his or her best five scores for the championship.

9. Championship awards for winning drivers and navigators will be presented at the Epynt Motor Club Annual Dinner and Awards Presentation.

10. If competitors wish to qualify for championship awards at the end of the year they must marshal on at least one rally that Epynt Motor Club will be officiating on and help at one or more club event.

11. No spotlights to be fitted on competing vehicles. 

12. All vehicles must be fitted with an effective silencing system. 


Specific rules for navscatter organisers

1. Try to make the route between 40 and 50 miles long.

2. Organisers must allow novice crews extra plotting time.

3. Organisers may use white unsurfaced roads only if they are smooth.

4. Any unsurfaced roads used or roads not on OS maps must be shown by a detailed diagram.

5. Try to arrange a start venue with a separate room for plotting.

6. Try to arrange a finish venue that can supply food.

7. Email a report to Lynne, Sophie or Jon - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

8. Contact Brian Jones for a list of black spots and the permit number for your event on 01591610232.

9. A colouted map showing all clue locations, permit number, organisers contact details needs to be sent to the RLO—Andrew Thomson (07973118836, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least six weeks before your event.

10. PR around the start and finish venue and any clues which is within 400 meters of any household.

11. Contact Dyfed-Powys Police in the week prior to your event.



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