Nav scatter results

The fourth round of the navscatter championship took place last thursday at The Fountain, Builth Wells using map 147.

Great to seen 8 crews start with 2 crews from Cwmbran & Abergavenny areas.

Crews were faced with a run out to a lay by at Cwmbach were the route was handed out at 8.45 , first to leave in a cloud of exhaust smoke was Chris and Kate, they went a different way to what we set out, but its a scatter so be it, unbeknown to us they had not discovered the first  page of references and clues and only plotted out the second page, they got back to Builth and were talking about how quick and easy the route was when oh my god they discovered page 1, it was stapled to page 2, so off they roared to do the clues on page one.

The experts Jon Hawkins and Ceri Davies had old maps which are 4 years out of date, not showing the new road to Newbridge, should have known better.

First on the road was Ryan & Jordon and the reason they did not hand in the time cards was because Jordon left his tea all over the card and maps, we have all been there at some time.

Other than that at the Fountain finish everybody returned to report a great  nights sport with good well seen clues and a good thrash. Tables turned this time, Father beat Daughter. and a newcomer beat the so called Epynt experts on their  own patch.

1st overall & 1st novices Driver Jake Evans - Luter + Navigator Ross Truszkowski + BMW compact 1 fail 1 point

2nd overall & 1st experts Driver Brian Jones + navigator Alun Probert + Subaru + 1 Fail 17 points

3rd Twm Prossor & Ceri Davies (Experts) +Izuzu + 2 fails 6 points

4th Huw Jones & Jack Hintz (Novices) +Micra + 3 fails 7 points

5th Jamie Pickup & Jon Hawkins + (Experts) Peugeot 306 + 3 Fails 10 points

6th Jordan Gullick & Jordan Dziaduzewicz (Novices) + Micra + 7 fails 0 points

7th Christian Prynne (Novice) & Kate Jones (Expert) + Focus + 7 fails 8 points

8th Ryan Davies & Jordon Humphries (Novices) + Corsa + DNF

Event organisers Graham and Eric Tong

Company No. 02499185